Coppice Products

Traditional coppice products, made from wood sourced from managed coppiced woodlands, have have shaped people’s lives for thousands of years.
Beanpoles, pea sticks and other plant supports, fencing, hurdles and other garden structures, hedge stakes and binders, baskets, walking sticks, ties for fastening thatch pegs and charcoal are just a few of the sustainable products produced by Britain’s modern-day coppice workers, who are helping meet the growing demand for quality local products.

To find out where you can buy coppiced beanpoles and other coppice wood products, please visit the directory section of the Coppice Products website: - this includes contact details for a large number of coppice craftsmen and women who supply coppiced beanpoles and other coppice wood products. Or try the supplier directory on the Allotment Forestry website at:

“There are now over 500 coppice workers like us across the country, and gardeners can do their bit to support our jobs, traditional skills and woodland conservation, by buying our excellent products” - Dave Jackson from Wildwood Coppice Crafts


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