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For more information about coppicing and National Beanpole Week, please contact the Small Woods Association on 01952 432769  or e-mail Richard Thomason  - the Event Director.

Useful Links
To find out where you can buy your coppiced beanpoles and other coppice wood products, please visit the Coppice Products Website
 - click on the directory for a list of suppliers of coppiced beanpoles and other coppice wood products:

You can also find out where to buy your coppiced beanpoles, etc., at: on the Allotment Forestry website.

Also, please visit the Allotment Forestry webste at: - to find out more about the Allotment Forestry community project, which works with gardeners to increase the use of local woodland products in the garden and allotment.

National Beanpole Week is run by the Smallwoods Association, a charity - visit their website